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MadChita Productions

About Us

Two Cultures + Two Sexes + Two Disciplines = GLOBAL APPEAL

Two Founders: Both are Writers • Directors • Producers. They are from different hemispheres on the planet and in their minds. Together they are able to create projects that are both artful and popular, logical and emotional, that appeal to a wide range of cultures.

The Team

The People of MadChita

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Jana Arnold


Jana is CEO and co-founder of MadChita Productions. In 2009, she produced and directed the film Bicycle Bobby and Elvis, working with many Texas actors and film crew members that she worked with on her commercial and corporate video projects. Jana's credits include Bicycle Bobby & Elvis (Madman Pictures 2012), The Sisterhood (Regent Entertainment, starring Barbara Crampton 2006), Witches of the Caribbean (starring Joanna Cassiday, 2005), Stem Cell (starring Dee Wallace, 2009). Jana has sold nine film screenplays to Hollywood production companies. Co-wrote 11 scripts with Damir Perge under MadChita Productions. 

Jana earned a BA in Journalism and minor in Art at the University of Arkansas. She graduated with honors, was Editor in Chief of the yearbook, and served on the Dean's Advisory Committee. Her journalism and art degree, along with 6 years of acting experience has led her to become a strong director of actors, visuals, and story.

Jana is also co-founder of entrepreneurdex, an accelerator using complexity science to launch, grow and scale startups and growing companies. Jana is a co-founder of Fluidlytix, another entrepreneurdex portfolio company accelerating into the marketplace. Previously, Jana founded Madman Interactive Advertising and Media, where she produced, wrote and directed television commercials, infomercials, corporate videos, and music videos. Her with clients have included Ford Motor Company, Greyhound Bus Lines and Laidlaw International.  

Damir Perge.jpg
Damir Perge


Damir is a co-founder of MadChita Productions. His responsibilities and focus are in the creative process of content generation as well as financing of MadChita's Intellectual Property. Damir is a co-founder of entrepreneurdex, an accelerator using complexity science to launch, grow and scale startups and growing companies. MadChita is currently accelerated by entrepreneurdex. Damir is an entrepreneur, former Silicon Valley venture capitalist, author, producer, and complexity scientist. He ran a VC fund in Silicon Valley—focused on investing in the seed and early stages of the startup cycle. Damir is a co-founder of three other entrepreneurdex portfolio companies accelerating into the marketplace: Fluidlytix, DiosEnergy, and ChitaSports.


Previously Damir ran Tesla Capital venture capital fund in Silicon Valley and Futuredex, a U.S. financial magazine targeting private investors, distributed with Worth Magazine. Damir sat on thirteen boards, including Worth Magazine. As a venture capitalist, he raised more than $300 million for various companies and invested more than $50 million into 25 startups and early stage companies in the entertainment, publishing, media, sports, internet, enterprise, and consumer software, hardware, financial services, manufacturing, and transportation sectors. The portfolio companies reported directly to him.


Damir’s 25 years experience in the high-tech industry includes management, sales and marketing, finance, distribution and logistics, operations, engineering, supply chain management, and product development. He has worked with ventures in the technology, media and publishing, internet, enterprise software, entertainment, alternative energy, consumer products, hardware, communications, and manufacturing sectors. He’s the author of Entrepreneur Myths: The Startup Reality (2012). His upcoming books include Fútbolpreneur: Football Methods, Strategies, and Tactics Applied to Life and Business (2019); and Silicon Disrupted: How to Leapfrog Silicon Valley (2019).


Damir co-wrote and produced Bicycle Bobby & Elvis as well as co-wrote over 11 screenplays with Jana Arnold in the action, adventure, comedy, drama, western, romance and animation genres.

Born in Sremska Mitrovica, Yugoslavia, Damir at the age of six was inspired and influenced by Pelé, Nikola Tesla, and Walt Disney. Damir immigrated to the U.S. at the age of eleven. He became a U.S. citizen at age 16 and represented the U.S. on the National Youth Soccer Teams from 16 to 19. He was a McDonald’s Soccer All-American and received a full soccer scholarship to play at Southern Methodist University, Dallas where he pursued studies in mechanical engineering and entrepreneurship.

Pierre Koshakji

Pierre is advising MadChita in the diverse areas of entertainment, sports and film production. Currently, Pierre is a Co-Chairman and co-founder of Stream Energy, a leading energy provider in Texas, Georgia, and Pennsylvania. Founded in 2005, the Dallas-based company’s innovative use of direct selling revolutionized the energy industry, generating more than $8 billion in lifetime revenue in 12 years and transforming it into one of the largest direct selling companies in the global energy market. In his daily operational duties, he now serves as Executive Vice President, Strategic Projects and Governmental Affairs, helping set the strategic direction of Stream into the future and taking on leadership roles in the industry on behalf of the company. He is also co-founder of Apollo Development, 


Previously, Pierre was associated with various private and publicly-held enterprises, serving as director of business development for Unity Hunt Resources of Dallas during the mid-1990s. During his tenure at the company, he worked directly for Lamar Hunt, a billionaire, who was the principal founder of the American Football League (AFL) and Major League Soccer (MLS), as well as MLS’s predecessor, the North American Soccer League (NASL), and co-founder of World Championship Tennis. He set up Major League Soccer and various Hunt sports teams. Hunt family owns Kansas City Chiefs (NFL), Columbus Crew (MLS) and FC Dallas (MLS).  Previously, Pierre was Deputy Executive Director, FIFA World Cup, 1994 Dallas venue. He was also Vice President of Marketing for Las Vegas Domed Stadium Project. Pierre also served as president of Odyssey Pictures Corporation from 1998 through 2000.


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